Florida State University is proud to be recognized as a Preeminent University by the State of Florida. An acknowledged national leader in student retention and graduation, we help our students graduate with focused plans for careers or graduate degrees. Our preeminent faculty earn over $500,000 in external research grants every single day of the year.

Our appetite for innovation shapes us.

We are Florida State.
We are Preeminent.

Florida State University invests to strengthen our national reputation and serve the citizens of Florida and beyond. These preeminent investments include:

Adding Faculty

Hiring 62 new faculty members, largely in STEM fields, including recent hire Laura Greene, our new National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab) chief scientist and a National Academy of Sciences member.

Career Enhancement

Investing in interdisciplinary programs that build on our research strengths and help solve problems important to Florida and the world:

  1. Energy and Materials
  2. Brain Health & Disease
  3. Coastal & Marine Research
  4. Institute for Successful Longevity
Entrepreneurial University

Increasing funding for CARE, our program helping first generation/low socioeconomic students succeed, which recently was highlighted by the “Chronicle for Higher Education” and received a $2.2 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

Student Scholarships

Embedding 25 talented Entrepreneurs-in-Residence in our colleges to work with students and faculty to bring new ideas to market and invent the future.